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Rescue/Shelter Participant Rules

Wags and Waves Rules


Booth Fee: Non-Profit Rescue groups/Shelters (501c3) setting up a booth with animals available for adoption will have the booth fee waived. There will be a reduced booth fee of $75 for those (501c3) groups solely selling merchandise (participating as a vendor), for those groups asking for a larger booth (10 x 10 provided without fee) or a second booth location. 


Booth placement: will be determined by the W & W Committee. Booth Space is limited. Booths are assigned on a first-come, first-served basis with sponsors and vendors filled first.


No adoption units or vehicles to display animals are allowed at this event. Vehicles may enter park/exit park at specified times only during the loading/unloading set up times. 


Booth occupancy: Each booth shall remain attended at all times. Booth attendants under 18 are allowed as long as there is an adult present at all times. Booth attendants under 18 are the sole responsibility of the booth occupant 


Booth removal: Event management reserves the right to stop or remove from the event any group or group representative performing any act or practice, or displaying any item which is, in the sole opinion of event management, objectionable or detracts from the purpose/objective of the event. 

 Liability: No participant will be allowed to set up without a signed and dated application and release of liability. Each group retains liability and assumes all risks of loss and/or damages onsite or in connection with transportation, display, storage and sale of merchandise at the event. The committee reserves the right to revoke or refuse to grant space at any time, without recourse by the participant. The Committee shall not be liable to anyone for this action 


Refunds: No fees shall be refunded—inclement weather will not be grounds for refunds


Music: “boom” boxes or recorded music is not allowed in booth areas

 Exclusive Rights: No exclusive rights for the sales of any item will be granted to vendors.  


No alcohol (including beer & wine) may be served.
Hawaiian Falls is a nonsmoking facility.


W & W is a Litter-Free Event: Each group must immediately clean up and properly dispose of any waste left by their dogs and is responsible for the ongoing cleanliness and immediate cleanup of trash from their display area following the event. 

 Food/Drink: sales limited to those who have completed the Food vendor applications and have the appropriate Food Permit.  All food sales must be approved prior to set up 


Parking-vendor parking is by the back gate. Please park in the specified area


W & W will list your organization/company as a participant on the website. 


Animals in booths: 

*All organizations having pets in booth are required to show proof of liability insurance.

*Animal behavior and health: ALL animals MUST be spayed/neutered, current on vaccinations with tags on collar prior to event. 

*All animals MUST be of good temperament; do NOT bring animals known to be aggressive with other animals and/or people. 

*Water must be provided at all times for dogs in booth area 

*Rescue dogs must be attended in all areas of the park. No dog shall remain unattended.

 Setup/Breakdown- all participants MUST be 100% set up no later than 9:30am the day of the even 

  •  Set up will begin at 8:00 
  • All vehicles  must be immediately moved from the loading area once items have been unloaded/loaded. 
  •  All vehicles must be out of the park no later than 9:30 
  •  Any vehicle remaining past those hours will cause the offending booth holder to forfeit the right to participate in the program (without refund). This vehicle is subject to tow at Hawaiian Falls management’s discretion 
  • No vehicles will  be allowed to enter the park for set-up purposes past 9:00. 
  • Property brought on event premises by any group must be removed from event premises during the load-out times designated by event management. 
  • Event  management reserves the right to remove from event premises any remaining  effects left after designated load-out times at cost to the owner, if      applicable.

 Power: Electricity is limited, a generator is suggested if power is needed. Please let us know if you need power and we will let you know if it is available 


Participant relations:Participants must agree to work well with all participating organizations. Each organization will have its own adoption policies and fees, and that no matter what those policies are, a positive and professional manner at all times is expected.


Volunteer allotment: each rescue/shelter will be allowed up to 5 free volunteers in to the event. We will have volunteer badges and sign-in at the side gate. Any volunteers over the allotment of 5 will have to pay the full ticket price. If the volunteers will be coming in shifts to help in your booth, they can exchange the badge at the side gate when the current volunteer signs out and leaves the park. When that badge is returned, the next volunteer can use it to come into the park. These rules are for booth specific volunteers. The at-large volunteers for the Wags and Waves event will have different sign in procedures.


Park Entrance:

*All booth participants must have either an appropriate volunteer badge for entrance or pay the entrance fee.

*Anyone wishing to enter the park to visit with a rescue animal, must pay the entrance fee. It is up to the individual rescue group on how they want to handle these types of transactions.

*All participants must sign an event liability waiver prior to entering the park, no signed waiver, no entrance! This waiver can be downloaded from the event website and filled out prior to arrival or are also available at the park on the day of the event.


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